Conference Program-ICCCS 2021  

(Duration of Presentation of each paper is 10 minute and 3 minute is for question and answering)


Day 1. Oct 04, 2021


Inauguration of 6th IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication & Security (ICCCS - 2021), 


7th IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing & Communication Engineering (ICACCE-2021)

Las Vegas, USA (In virtual mode)

Link: TBD


[09:20 AM - 09:925 AM] Welcome Address: Dr. Vishal Kumar, General Chair, 6th IEEE ICCCS-2021


[09:25 AM - 09:30 AM] Address: Dr. Mark Damron, Chairman, IEEE Las Vegas Section, USA


[10:15 AM - 10:20 AM]Vote of Thanks: Dr. Sudhan Majhi, General Chair, 6th IEEE ICCCS-2021


[10:20 AM - 11:10 PM] Keynote 1: Dr. Danda B. Rawat,  Howard University, Washington, DC, USA



[11:40 AM - 01:30 PM ] Technical Session - I (Big Data Analytics, Data Mining & AI)

Session Chair –Dr. Amit Agarwal, Walls Fargo INDIA & Dr. Rabeb Touti, Tunisia

Link: TBD


Modeling and Comparing the COVID-19 Infection Rate for Taiwan and the United States of America Using Phase-Specific Nonparametric Density Regression Technique

Authors: Mason Chen (Stanford OHS); Patrick Giuliano (Morrill Learning Center)


Military & War Metaphor during Covid-19 in India

Authors: Jayan V (C-DAC)*; Sreejith Alathur (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal)


A big Data Perspective of Individual Privacy Protection Approaches

Authors: Poornima Kulkarni (RVCE)*; Cauvery NK (RVCE)


Fake News Detection using Machine Learning with Feature Selection

Authors: Ziyan Tian (Auburn University)


[03:00 PM - 04:30 PM ] Technical Session – II (Smart Grid, Networks, IoT, Smart City & Security)

Session Chair – Dr. Prashant Kumar, NIT Jalandhar INDIA


A Gated Recurrent Unit based Intrusion Detection for SCADA Networks

Authors: Sydney Mambwe Sm Kasongo (University of Johannesburg)*; Yanxia Sun (University of Johannesburg)

  Reactive Power Compensation using Shunt Compensation Technique in the Smart Distribution Grid

Authors: Sampatirao Nanibabu, B. Shakila, Prakash Marimuthu (NIT NAGALAND)*

  Simulation and Analysis of an Improved Quality Multilevel Inverter for Linear Types of Load

Authors: Mohammad Ahmad, Rajkiya Engineering College, Bijnor, INDIA

  An Efficient Approach for Load balancing in Software-Defined Networks

Authors: Jehad Ali (Ajou University)*; Byeong-hee Roh (Ajou University, South Korea)

   Day 2. Oct 05, 2021

Welcome Address: Dr. Vishal Kumar, Conference Chair, 6th IEEE ICCCS-2021 Conference

Link: TBD

[09:40 AM - 10:30 AM] Keynote 2: Dr. Sreejith Alathur, NIT Karnataka, INDIA

Title: Metaphor analysis: Mitigating Hate and Fake Threats of Social Media Content

Abstract: Social network analysis and language tools support the detection of hate and fake content identification but are insufficient to prevent the metaphors used for crime. ‘Covid-19 Metaphors’ is the expressions from the individual or the scientific community in the form of verbal, textual, or pictorial representations to share their knowledge, experience, or opinion about the origin of the disease, spreading patterns, compacting strategies, and power structures in the socio-biopolitical realm. Metaphors implicitly compare desired expressions with common entities to determine possible identities and classification for inclusion or exclusion of individuals, groups, or incidents. The use of metaphors is a new threat for cyber officials as the culprits use it as an innovative tool for creating dialectic identity and false consciousness in the cybersphere. Current study analysis covid-19 metaphors with fake and hate characteristics that compromise the individual and group identity. Recommendations for improving the Internet Governance Framework are also be providing.


[10:40 AM – 01:00 PM ] Technical Session – III (IoT, Smart City & Security)

Session Chair: Dr.

Link :
  Computational Analysis of Online Hate Content using Cognitive – AI

Authors: Naganna Chetty & Sreejith Alathur (NIT Karnataka, Surathkal); Dittin Andrews (CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram, India); Vishal Kumar (BTKIT Dwarahat INDIA)

  Analysis of Economic Impact of foreign investment in developing countries through Computational Intelligence

Authors: Khattab Imran Saleh, Department of Mathematics, University of Tikrit, Iraq

  Mobilenet Based CNN Architecture For Detection of Face Masks
Authors: Aditya Mantri, Divya Kumar 

[02:00 PM – 04:00 PM] Technical Session – IV (Networks, IoT, Smart City & Security, VLSI)

Session Chair : Dr.

Link :

Climate Change and COVID19 Metaphors: Environmental Consciousness in Social Media

Authors: Sreejith Alathur, Naganna Chetty


6th Generation: Communication, Signal Processing, Advanced Infrastructure, Emerging Technologies and Challenges

Authors: Ajay Kumar, Simmi Perveen, Shivani Singh, Ankit Kumar, Sudhan Majhi, Santos K.Das


The Effect of Nano Powder alumina on Titanium Alloy Wire Electrical Discharge Machining and Applications on dynamic systems

Authors: Nehad Abed, Abdulsattar Abdullah Hamad, Mohanad Fadhil Jwaid, Azwan bin sapit

   Day 3. Oct 06, 2021
  Welcome Address: Dr. Vishal Kumar, Conference Chair, 6th IEEE ICCCS-2021 Conference

[09:40 AM – 12:00 PM] Technical Session – V (IoT, Smart City & Security, e-Learning)

Session Chair: Dr.

  Using Statistical Modeling to Analyze Fatigue and ACL Injury Risk through 3D Motion Sensors

Authors: Mason Chen (Stanford OHS), Kevin Vandi


Personalized Engineering Education Model Based on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Programming

Authors: Massoud Massoudi, Abhiraj Rathore, Adarsh Sharma


[02:00 PM - 04:00 PM ]Technical Session – VI (Big Data Analytics, Data Mining & AI)

Session Chair: Dr.

  Recommendation Engines: Traditional vs Deep Learning Approaches

Authors: Aniket Dhawad, Suranjana sarkar, Amit Agarwal, Rama Kishore Darlapudi


Different genomic representations of novel pathogens: COVID-19 case study

Authors: Rabeb Touati, Mohamed Touati, Faouzi Benzarti, Maher Kharrat


Ensemble Transfer Learning Approach for Breast Cancer Classification using Thermograms

Authors: Lalit Garia, M. Hariharan (NIT Uttarakhand INDIA)

  [04:50 PM]: Valedictory of the 6th IEEE ICCCS 2021 - By Dr. Mark Damron, Dr. Sudhan Majhi, Dr. Vishal Kumar,  Dr. S D Sudarsan, Dr. V M Mishra